Raimondo is a lifelong New York City resident with a tremendous love for his city. Born and raised in Howard Beach, Queens, he understands the particular problems faced by New Yorkers and has made it his goal to leave his city greater than he found it.


Within the community, Raimondo has worked with local organization VOCAL-NY as a canvasser and canvas director to advocate and fundraise for those affected by the New York housing shortage, and those struggling with opioid addiction.


Worked with the 106th Precinct Community Council to deal with issues of community relations with Police officers. Community Policing is essential, and we need to reform our ways of policing and how officers engage with the public while ensuring the publics safety and preserving quality of life.


Raimondo is the host of The Old Howard Union. A podcast he started just two months after starting at VOCAL-NY. The time he spent canvassing taught him to speak the truth, and get it out to people. He wanted a way to do this more in his personal life, so he started a podcast and began to write on the most important political issues of the day.

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