Our Campaign has Come to an End

I’m announcing today, officially, that our campaign for the City Council in District 32 has come to an end. On April 14th, our campaign by measure of the Board of Elections was removed from the ballot and thus our campaign is at a close. The path that took us here was not one we hoped we had to traverse. We had faith in the political process that was to unfold at the ballot box.

Unfortunately, the Mike Scala campaign took measures to object to our petitions and use its campaign war chest to bring an end to a campaign that was focused on issues and the community. We are of the belief that policy differences and vision for the district and City ought to be determined by voters on Election Day.

Nevertheless, I will continue to advocate for my community, and will be working to ensure our district has a voice they deserve in City Hall. An individual that is reflective of our values – hard work, honesty, integrity, ethics, family, and community.

As I’ve said to the press, my vote for the City Council for our district will be Kenichi Wilson, Chairman of Community Board 9. His candidacy was objected to, his petitions were hit with specifications and he, like myself, was sued by the Scala campaign. He now faces enormous financial pressures to fight back against the actions of the Scala campaign. I urge you to support him in his efforts to fight to better the community. Please read the article below for more context.

Thank you all for your support and your encouragement in this race for the Council. I hope to continue to advocate for the best interests of my district and the good, hardworking people that live in it. Thank you.


Attn: This site will remain up for posterity purposes and may become active at a later date. It is a reflection on my values, and the vision for the city and the district.

Published by Raimondo Graziano

National Canvass Director for The Center for Popular Democracy (@popdemoc) | Host of The Old Howard Union Podcast | raimond.graziano@gmail.com & 718-844-9133

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