Announcement: Our campaign has come to an end. Contribution links are no longer active, they will redirect to this page. This site will remain for posterity purposes and may become active again in the future, follow Raimondo Graziano on social media for updates from him on his community work in the district.

What Our Campaign Is About

Our city is in an unprecedented moment in its history. Our businesses are hurting, our people are hurting, the problems facing our city are mounting by the day – by circumstances in some cases out of our control (COVID-19), and others by the willful negligence of our city’s elected officials. It is not about how we got here, it is about how we respond to the moment before us. It is time for a change. We have to be bold in our response to our city’s problems, from addressing homelessness to crime to lack of business opportunity. We have to believe in ourselves again, to lean on one another again, and to help our neighbors and our neighborhood as we would help our own families. We are all in this together, and there is only one way we come out of this – together.

The Candidate

Raimondo Graziano

I was born here. Raised here. It is a city I love, where I go to college, and live in a community I hope to represent on the City Council. Neighborhoods where I have served those suffering opioid addiction. Victims of racial injustice. Delivered food to the hungry.

I want what we all want. A thriving economy. Schools where kids learn. Affordable rents. Safe subways. Safe streets. Better parks. Accessible health care.

And people in city government who know how to lead.

I’m Raimondo Graziano.

Donate to the Campaign

We need all of the help we can get to elect Raimondo Graziano to the City Council to represent District 32 in City Hall! We need all the generous support you can give!


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